The visitor can choose between 3 different ways of accessing the area: by car or by bus and by plane arriving at Kalamata Airport, for those who are from abroad and by car or bus to Kardamili.

By road

The best option to access Kardamili is by car. Nowadays, modern highways connect Kalamata with Athens, Patras and all other urban centers of Greece. From Kalamata, the distance to Kardamili is only 35km, on a route that does not fill the eye of the traveler with the beauty of the natural environment. The distance from Athens is 275km. The most convenient and fastest option is the Athens-Corinth and Corinth-Tripoli-Kalamata highway, an easy route that takes about 2.5 hours. Along the way, you will come across a total of 5 Motorway Service Stations and their respective Toll Stations.

From Kalamata, which is the transportation hub of the area, access to even the smallest village in Messinia is easy. By car, the Kalamata-Kardamili distance is approximately 40 minutes.

Public Transportation

If you choose to get to Kardamili by bus, KTEL Messinia is one of the safest options. It has a number of routes from Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki and many other major cities in Greece to the daily schedule. KTEL vehicles ensure a comfortable route and easy access to your destination. From Kalamata, you can reach Kardamyli either by continuing to the KTEL, on a one-hour journey, or by car rental.

The bus ride to KTEL takes about 3 hours. There are 12 scheduled daily routes to and from Athens (almost one hour during the day from 06:00am).

You can see all KTEL daily routes here.


Plane access to Kalamata State Airport is usually preferred by visitors from abroad. Kalamata Airport receives a large number of charter flights during the summer months and also connects with Thessaloniki Airport. A plane connection to Athens is not common, as the road connection between the two cities is short and comfortable.

If you choose to reach Messinia by plane, you should know that the IATA name of Kalamata Airport is KLX and is approximately 9 kilometers from the city, between the capital of Messinia and Messina, on the Kalamata – Pylos highway, west of the railway lines and by the river Pamisos.


Useful phone numbers:

Athens Bus Station: +30 210-5233810, +30 210-5134293

Kalamata Bus Station: +30 27210-22581, +30 27210-23145

Information Service – Timetables: 14505