Worth a visit

The visitor to Kardamili should not miss to find in Old Kardamili, a settlement above the new town, at the entrance of the village. There he will also meet the settlement of Troupakides – Mourtzina. Inside the complex, there is the famous church of Agios Spyridon. The erection of the first buildings of the complex dates back to the late 17th century. Following the path from Old Kardamili to the area of ​​Agia Sophia, we come across two rectangular cavities carved into a vertical rock. The basis of the tradition is the tomb of Dioscorus (Castor and Polydeuk), the mythical children of Queen Sparta Leda and Zeus.

From Kardamili, within walking distance, there are other villages with rich history and tradition: the seaside Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos (Selinitsa), Agios Dimitrios & Trachila. We continue with Riglia, Fountain, Placha, Chambers. For mountain lovers there are the villages of Exochori, Saidona, Kastania, Mila, Karyovouni (Arachova). For longer distances, Itilo, Limeni, Areopolis, Diros Caves and Vathia are indicated.



For nature lovers and mountain lovers, Kardamili offers hiking, hiking and hiking, as there are many paths, of all difficulty levels, that even reach the top of Taygetos. Hikers have the opportunity to enjoy many Byzantine chapels in their strolls with beautiful frescoes built with the Maniatic stone architecture of dry stone, beautiful natural cinematic landscape.

Also, the area is ideal for cycling enthusiasts. You can choose routes depending on the level of difficulty you want and enjoy either the mountain beauty or the seaside magic.

In addition, the area is ideal for road trips, as it offers a great route with small stops in the picturesque villages.

The visitor can also take part in a culinary journey. Workshops are available to introduce the visitor to the local traditional cuisine and travel to authentic Greek flavors, as offered by the land of Mani.

Whichever audience you belong to, you can visit the 2407m Kardamili Mountain Activities store to organize with people who have the right knowledge, getaway, activity or combination of what you want. More information can be found here.

The area is also suitable for diving, boat rides and water sports. Information can be found at the diving center on the beach of Kalogria in Stoupa.



The main beach of Kardamili is Ritsa beach. Long white pebble beach that combines both calm and cosmopolitan life. Just 1km away is Kalamitsi Beach. A small creek with tall cypresses for lovers of quiet beaches. Also, is the beach of Fonea, with large pebbles and its characteristic rock. Delfinia beach with clear blue waters and a stunning beach are of unparalleled beauty.

Alternatively, the visitor can be found in Stoupa, just 8km to the golden sandy beach of Kalogria, with eucalyptus and a plethora of restaurants, beach bars and cafes and the beach of Stoupa, along the coastal road. In Agios Nikolaos, is the beach of Pandazi, with its tall trees and eucalyptus trees.



In both Kardamili and the surrounding area, visitors can find year-round taverns with traditional food and fine cafés that relax the body and mind. Traditional lalaghi, smoked cabbage, Taygetos tea, roasted sesame, olives and Maniac olive oil are local delicacies that you should not miss.

For seafood lovers, you can find a variety of fish taverns, with fresh fish from the local fishing villages.


The surrounding area

For the visitor who wishes for longer trips, here are some suggestions:



Vathia is famous for its stone-built towers. The emblematic towers of the area are an element of unparalleled beauty and an example of Mani’s architectural tradition.


 Caves of Diros

A trip to the Diros Caves is something that will remain engraved on the visitor. Impressive atmosphere, with unique colors from the rocks to the reflections of the water, and shapes make up a dreamlike image. Vlychada is the most visited, with a length of 2.5km.



The seaside pirate hamlet, with its excellent towers and fish taverns. It is certain that you will not be deterred from photographing it.


Cape Tainaro

The southernmost edge of the Peloponnese, where the gates of Hades were. The road ends and you have to walk about 40` to reach the lighthouse. Shortly before you have left something to the oracle to unite you with the energy of the place.


Porto Cayo

Also known as a haven for pirates. Its name was derived from the number of quails that stand there on their journey south. The bay is worth a visit, but also its famous tower.