• When does the Taygetos Challenge take place?

The Taygetos Challenge is an annual event that takes place in March. The 11th Mountain Run race will take place March 21-22, 2020.


  • How many matches does the Organization have?

The Taygetos Challenge program includes 5 Games in which you can participate:

  1. Marathon 37km (+ Vertical)
  2. Experience 20km (+ Vertical)
  3. Basic 10km (+ Vertical)
  4. Fun 5km
  5. Vertical 650m


  • How do I register?

Please read our Rules of Participation to confirm that you are in compliance. All registrations are submitted online.

You can choose your preferred race and registration level, as well as register online here.


  • How can I make a payment?

You can pay the corresponding amount for the race and registration level of your choice through the different payment methods you will find here.


  • What should the athlete come to Kardamili for the first time?

Kardamili is a beautiful place that uniquely combines the two-sided mountain-sea. The usually excellent weather conditions in the area, the ability to swim in the sea after the race, the unique landscape changes as well as the excellent food in the local taverns are some of the reasons why anyone who falls in love with the area for the first time!


  • How is the terrain moving?

Stone-built paths, soft-soil tracks, cobbled streets, forest roads, canyons and picturesque villages are constantly alternated and combined with spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks leave you indifferent. We recommend a solid trail shoe with good damping and finger protection.


  • Concerning the technical part of the race, what should I know?

The main characteristic of the route is the constant slippery slopes that run out without understanding it and is the reason for the cramps that most people face after the middle of the race, even though the season is not warm. Also, although the route has many alternatives of land, the dominant element being stone, we must not forget that we are in Mani, the kingdom of stone!


  • What should the athlete pay attention to during the race?

The Marathon route has 6 refueling stations that are every 5-6 kilometers and offer water, salty, and sweet snacks. The slower athletes would be right to have a half-liter bottle, a few jugs and some electrolyte pills with them so they can safely complete their quest.

The same is true for the shorter 20k route, where there are 4 refueling stations.


  • Is there compulsory equipment?

The organization does not have compulsory equipment, but we recommend for safety reasons a light windscreen, whistle, 200-300 calorie feed and a mobile phone.


  • How should athletes deal with Saturday’s Vertical Speed ​​combination with Sunday’s big race, a feature that does not exist in any other Greek race.

Vertical races are very famous abroad with the difference that their altitude is 1000m and elite athletes need more than 30 minutes to complete. The Kardamili Vertical is only 150 meters long and one should not be afraid of it as the maximum effort time does not exceed 7-8 minutes for the slowest. Aside from the originality and the ability to have a full racing day, it’s the highlight of the Challenge in the title of the race. The winners come out of the combination of the results while giving everyone the opportunity to watch very strong battles and applaud the kids who start right after the big ones.


  • What is the Event Cancellation Policy?

Up to 20 days before the race, a refund will be given, the full amount. After that, the amount is not refundable.


  • How do I get my bib number?

All athletes whose registration has been successful receive their number from the race secretariat.


  • Is there a process for managing personal belongings?

Personal belongings, for those athletes who wish, must be delivered a few minutes before the start of the race at the secretariat.

Upon termination, personal belongings are collected with the help of volunteers.


  • Where will the boot be located?

The launch for the Marathon, Experience, Basic & Fun races to take place on Sunday takes place next to the race secretariat in the central square of Kardamili.


  • Where can I see my Results?

You can see your results here.