1. Registration process and completion
  • The Athlete, upon completing the responsible statement on the race, is obliged to accept the applicable regulations, to comply with and to obey the instructions of the organizing committee, the safety officers and the referees of the race.
  • Individuals over 18 years of age, as well as children on the Fun route with a parent accompanying are eligible to participate in the race.
  • Participation is considered valid once the registration has been made and the payment has been completed.


  1. Routes
  • The race includes 4 different routes:

o Marathon 37km: Men’s M1 (18-29), M2 (30-39), M3 (40-49), M4 (50+), Women’s W1 (18-39), W2 (40+).

o Experience 20km: Men’s M1 (18-29), M2 (30-39), M3 (40-49), M4 (50+), Women’s W1 (18-39), W2 (40+).

o Basic 10km: Men’s M1 (18-29), M2 (30-39), M3 (40-49), M4 (50+), Women’s W1 (18-39), W2 (40+).

o Fun: Men (18+) and Women (18+).

o Vertical Speed ​​Men (18+) and Women (18+).

Participation in this track is mandatory for athletes interested in qualifying for the Taygetos Challenge which is the combination of Vertical results on Saturday and one of the Sunday runs (Marathon, Experience, Basic)

  • The length of the Taygetos Marathon route is approximately 37km with a positive altitude difference of 2300m.
  • The length of the Taygetos Experience route is 20km with a positive altitude difference of 1150m.
  • The length of Taygetos Basic is 10km with a positive altitude of 500m.
  • The length of the Fun route is 5km with a positive altitude of 150m.
  • The length of the Vertical Speed ​​track is 650m with a positive altitude difference of 150m.
  • The race tracks follow asphalt, stone cobbled paths, trails, dirt roads, canyons and rocky terrain. They are signposted throughout and require no orientation knowledge. Continuing on the right path helps the regular signage of the trails (colored signs on rocks) as well as their natural relief where present. In addition, there will be a project tape and direction-change boards.


  1. Procedural race
  • The races will take place on Saturday 21 March and Sunday 22 March 2020.

Vertical will start on March 21 at 14.00 and Marathon, Experience and Basic on March 22 with start time

  • The cost of participation for each category is as follows:

o 30 € for Vertical & Marathon

o Vertical & Experience races

o Vertical & Basic matches

o Fun race.

In the event that an athlete wishes to run in a single race, the entry fee remains the same. In case of postponement or cancellation of the match for any reason the participation fee will be refunded within 30 days.

  • There is no maximum number of participants for the event.
  • Every athlete is required to have their number on the front of their shirt. The number may not be altered in any way.
  • Chronosystems has taken over the race timing. There will be 3 time control points in between.
  • Regarding race time limits, there is an exclusion time limit only for the long 37 km route and is located at the 4th station (20 km), where athletes must have passed by 13:00. The race closes 9 hours after the start. Athletes who leave for any reason are obliged to inform the referee at the nearest control station. Athletes who finish after the 9-hour time limit are deemed not to have completed the race and are considered void.


  1. Athletes’ safety and race control
  • When attempting to overtake an athlete, each athlete is obliged, when he or she is approached by a faster, if requested, to pull over so that the overtaking can be done quickly and safely.
  • Athletes have the right to use a cane, map, compass, GPS, cell phone. Any outside help or even artificial assistance to athletes is prohibited.
  • To replenish athletes’ fluids, there will be 6 feed stations, where athletes will be provided with water, sweet and salty snacks and energy jets.
  • There are 6 control stations where athletes are required to be recorded by the judges. Any athlete who does not pass even a checkpoint is considered invalid.
  • Athletes are not required to have specific equipment. However, it is recommended that they carry a small backpack, windscreen, solid food, water bag, rubber bandage, whistle and mobile phone.
  • Any waste or packaging material along the route is strictly forbidden.
  • To avoid any unexpected occurrences, the organizing committee monitors the route and provides medical assistance to athletes who need it. The Red Cross step, Rescue team, doctor, physiotherapist and ambulance will be in full readiness.


  1. General regulations
  • Disclaimer: The organizing committee is not responsible for the deaths, injuries or any damage to the health of the participants who, when submitting their application, declare that they understand the dangers that exist in the mountain environment, have the necessary experience to deal with them and that their health is good and it allows them to fight. Every athlete is obliged to perform regular medical screening. The organizer reserves the right not to allow an athlete to finish the race if the race physician has given his opinion.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to modify the route if necessary for the safety of the race. It is also possible that the race will be delayed or canceled due to bad weather or force majeure.
  • Appeals can only be made by the athlete himself and only 30 minutes after the finish. The decision of the protest committee is final.
  • The race committee responsible for any problem or objection is: the Race Manager, the Routing Officer, the Security Officer and the Judges Officer.
  • By registering in the race, each athlete allows himself to be photographed or videotaped, both during the race and during the awards, for advertising purposes.


  1. Penalties
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to exclude an athlete if the following violations occur:

o Failure to present or alter the participation number of the athlete

o Making use of external assistance

o Utilization of motor auxiliaries

o Throwing trash along the way

o Blocking another athlete

o Unsportsmanlike behavior

o Failure to comply with the judges’ instructions

o Disrespectful and inappropriate behavior towards the organizing committee, the judges, the volunteers, the secretariat.

o Non-attendance at a control station.

o Use of prohibited substances or drugs

o Refusal for doping control.

o Refusal of a doctor to examine the event, if necessary, at any time during the race.

o Abandoning the match and not informing the referee will result in exclusion from any future event.


  1. Prizes

The winners of the Taygetos Challenge result from the results of both races with the points system defined as follows: 1st -100, 2nd -90, 3rd -82, 4th -76, 5th -72, 6th -70, 7th -69 , 8th -68 and so on.

In the event of two athletes being matched, the results will be given by time points resulting from the formula:

Time points = First Time / Athlete Time * 100.


The top three winners of the categories will receive a cup and medal. The medal is awarded to all who finish in the 9-hour time limit.

Sponsors’ gifts, if any, will be distributed to the lottery, which will take place after the end of the awards and will be located in the wider venue of the event.


The organizing committee reserves the right to amend these Regulations without prior notice, if necessary. In any case, any change will not alter the style of the fight.